Invest in Gold - LAUNCHING SOON

ETFS Physical Gold (ASX:GOLD)

We have selected ETFS Physical Gold as our Gold investment based on its track record,  fund size and liquidity via an ASX listing.

Investment objectives

ETFS Physical Gold (ASX:GOLD) is designed to offer investors a simple, cost-efficient and secure way to access physical gold by providing a return equivalent to the movements in the gold spot price less the applicable management fee. ASX:GOLD is backed by physical allocated gold.

Investment philosophy

Gold is traditionally used as a store of value and is often seen as a hedge against inflation. It is typically less correlated with other asset classes and can be used for portfolio diversification. Gold can also be used for portfolio protection as a hedge against market volatility.

The table below compares the return of ASX:GOLD to other key asset classes:

RETURNS TO 30 JUNE 2021 (1)CASH (2)GOLD (3)
1 Year0.0%-8.9%%
3 Year0.9%11.1%
5 Year1.2%5.4%
10 Year2.1%4.8%
Since Inception (4) 7.9%
1 – Returns for periods longer than one year are annualised
2 – Morningstar Long Term Asset Class Returns
3 – ETFS Physical Gold (ASX:GOLD)
4 – ASX:GOLD was established on 28 March 2003.