Breaking Down the fee barrier

Traditionally excessive fees and large initial investment amounts
have prevented parents from accessing high quality investments. We have changed that with very low
fees and a $10 minimum investment

One setup fee for many accounts

We provide trustee and legal services that would costs thousands for one initial setup cost of $20, which covers our regulatory obligations. Once established, you can add up to 10 child accounts.

One low management fee of 0.3075% pa

This fee helps us maintain the trust, legal and regulatory services to maintain the accounts. Additional management expenses are estimated at 0.415%, but our fund model is scale based and this fee drops with more users. Our goal is drive this to zero, so please invite your family and friends to help us all! Please review the PDS for further information.

Underlying fund fees

There are additional management fees paid to the investment managers of the investment funds that the iTrust Fund invests in, but we have chosen high quality managers with strong long term performance track records. Please refer to the PDS iTrust PDS for more information regarding the management fees applicable to these investment funds.


Your money’s safety is our highest priority
  • Bank-grade security
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Custodian services provided by Perpetual
  • All client data is encrypted
  • Protected under Amazon security umbrella
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Payments managed securely by Westpac