About us

Founded in 2018 by experienced investment managers with a strong track record in funds management and investment banking, Itrust Invest is the ultimate investing solution for kids. Our easy-to-use platform is designed for parents wanting to provide a financial springboard for their child, and for friends and families to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Simple & Accessible
One set up for multiple accounts, we level out the financial playing field 
One low management fee
We partner with quality investment managers with long term performance track records
Fully encrypted platform with bank grade protection

Investment Options

We know investing can be complicated, which is why we’ve kept things simple. 

Choose your investment allocation between our three options, or stick with the Balanced fund as the default when you signup.


Gold has a unique place in an investment portfolio as it is a tangible means for holding and preserving wealth, and traditionally performs positively during times of market turmoil and global crises. This investment option is also backed by physical gold bullion.


7.9% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to


Our Balanced ETF offers investors access to a diverse portfolio of asset classes, at a low cost. This investment option is designed for parents seeking a balance between income and capital growth.


4.1% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to


Our Global Equities investment option provides investors with access to some of the largest companies in the world including Microsoft, Nestle, Google (Alphabet), Starbucks and Pepsico.


10.6% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to

*The returns shown are historical and after fees, and since the inception of each underlying investment option. Actual returns may differ from historical returns, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please read the PDS for more information.

Our investors trust us

Itrust Invest
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09:05 06 Aug 22
Took less than five minutes to create my account and make my first contribution. The option to set up recurring deposits automatically means I don’t have to worry about it. Great idea for setting up our youngins
Alex BeddersAlex Bedders
04:25 28 Feb 22
Highly recommend iTrust, easy navigation and great website
Georgia WattsGeorgia Watts
09:18 22 Feb 22
I’m new to investing but wanted to make a start for my children. The itrust platform was easy to sign up to, is easy to use, and has good support. I’m looking forward to learning more about investing. I highly recommend it based on my experience so far.
Tony MooreTony Moore
08:37 22 Feb 22
Itrust invest is a great way to invest for family. I'm using it to invest for grandkids. It's easy, efficient and the support staff are excellent. I had issues with a gift card and Mitchell was a great help, professional, friendly and very responsive. I recommend Itrust highly
Deborah AndrewDeborah Andrew
01:59 22 Feb 22
I have found the Itrust Investment platform very easy to use and appreciate the regular communications I receive from the team.I started using Itrust to put regular deposits away for my two kids and as a Christmas gift this year I sent a $100 investment as a gift to my niece and nephew.

Don’t settle for cash returns.

Amplify your child’s wealth through long term investments.

We make it easy to give your children a solid head start in life

Open an Itrust Invest account 

Invest from as little as $10

Make one-off or regular contributions

One low management fee

Safe & secure, bank-grade protection

 Accept contributions from family & friends

How It Works

Personalised Dashboard
View multiple account balances, make deposits and more from one login
Set and Forget
Switch on weekly, monthly or annually automated direct debits
Low Fees
$3.50 account fee per month, no cost to contribute, withdraw or exit
Involve Family and Friends
Send & receive investments as a Gift to turbocharge a portfolio
Investing for kids

New to Investing?

We regularly release educational content designed to improve your financial smarts.

New to Investing?

We regularly release educational content designed to improve your financial smarts.

Compounding Effect Visualiser

The visualiser assumes an initial investment of $1,000, and then regular contributions of $100 per month for the life of the investment.

 An annual compounding growth rate of 6.00% is applied to these accumulated contributions to arrive at a projected total value (blue line). These same contributions are also shown without any growth rate applied (orange line), as well as returns if only a cash interest rate of 0.50% were applied (black line).

Drag the line below to see how compounding can grow an investment, compared to the returns from simply holding cash.

Compounding Effect Visualiser Disclaimer

The visualiser does not constitute investment advice and you should always seek professional advice from a qualified financial advisor.

 The visualiser is designed as an educational tool and is not intended to reflect actual returns from investing in any asset, either historical or future. Certain assumptions have been used within the visualiser to project theoretical returns at certain points in time; there is no guarantee that any investment will perform exactly as those displayed by the visualiser.

You should always take account of your own circumstances and tolerance of risk and uncertainty when making a decision to invest in a particular asset class. This includes the likelihood that the financial returns resulting from that investment may not reflect any assumptions that existed at the time the investment was made.