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Matt Smith gave his teenage children investment books as gifts

How To Invest For Your Kids Or Grandkids This Christmas

the Australian financial review logo | December 2022

It’s not quite a Nerf-Ultra-Motorised-Blaster, but teaching children good financial habits could be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, writes AFR wealth reporter Lucy Dean.

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Matt Smith gave his teenage children investment books as gifts

Christmas Gifts That Help Grow Riches For Years To Come

the daily telegraph logo | December 2022

More families are rethinking traditional ideas around gift giving, swapping the plastic toys for books, investments and podcasts that starts children off on the right financial foot. Article written by Newscorp’s personal finance reporter, Anthony Keane.

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smiling daughter jumping on couch

Investing For Children Delivers Them A World Of Opportunity

 | July 2022

Itrust Invest founder, Lawrence Stapleton, speaks to News Corp Australia’s Anthony Keane, where he offered a swathe of tips for familiarising children with the wide world of investing.

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mum holding onto baby at christmas

Giving Kids An Investment This Christmas Will Be The Gift That Keeps Giving

 | November 2022

“Rather than cash in an envelope for the kids, this is a far more meaningful gift from family and friends.”

Paul Reynolds, CEO of Itrust Invest, writes for Mouths of Mums.

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two children on their phone

How Can Parents Help Kids Start Their Investment Journey?

  | July 2022

“Until recently there weren’t many investment avenues for kids outside of savings accounts – this is where the Itrust Invest app fills a niche.”

Review by Harrison Astbury, Assistant Editor at Savings.com.au.

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dad and young son on a laptop together

Opening An Investment Account For Kids

 | July 2022

Itrust Invest Chief Operating Officer, Paul Reynolds, illustrates why an investment account with a long-term focus is a great solution for parents looking to give their children a financial leg up in life.

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mum and daughter putting coins into piggy bank

Top 5 Investing Tips For Kids

 | June 2022

Have a little one interested in the stock market? By following these tips, children will not only get a jump start on their future financial success, but also learn a few key life lessons.

Written by Itrust Invest Founder & Fund Manager, Lawrence Stapleton.

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Carter DouglasCarter Douglas
06:36 12 Aug 22
ITrust Invest is easy, seamless and automatic. I don't have to worry about anything, I just set it up, fund it and let it do its thing. It makes my life a little bit easier by allowing me to focus on what I need to focus on. Thanks for creating a quick and easy investment experience.
09:05 06 Aug 22
Took less than five minutes to create my account and make my first contribution. The option to set up recurring deposits automatically means I don’t have to worry about it. Great idea for setting up our youngins
Kaisei DaviesKaisei Davies
03:35 17 Jun 22
Alex BeddersAlex Bedders
04:25 28 Feb 22
Highly recommend iTrust, easy navigation and great website
Georgia WattsGeorgia Watts
09:18 22 Feb 22
I’m new to investing but wanted to make a start for my children. The itrust platform was easy to sign up to, is easy to use, and has good support. I’m looking forward to learning more about investing. I highly recommend it based on my experience so far.
Tony MooreTony Moore
08:37 22 Feb 22
Itrust invest is a great way to invest for family. I'm using it to invest for grandkids. It's easy, efficient and the support staff are excellent. I had issues with a gift card and Mitchell was a great help, professional, friendly and very responsive. I recommend Itrust highly
Deborah AndrewDeborah Andrew
01:59 22 Feb 22
I have found the Itrust Investment platform very easy to use and appreciate the regular communications I receive from the team.I started using Itrust to put regular deposits away for my two kids and as a Christmas gift this year I sent a $100 investment as a gift to my niece and nephew.