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Gold has a unique place in an investment portfolio as it is a tangible means for holding and preserving wealth, and traditionally performs positively during times of market turmoil and global crises. This investment option is also backed by physical gold bullion.


7.9% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to


Our Balanced ETF offers investors access to a diverse portfolio of asset classes, at a low cost. This investment option is designed for parents seeking a balance between income and capital growth.


4.1% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to


corporate logos of Starbucks, Google, Microsoft and Visa

Our Global Equities investment option provides investors with access to some of the largest companies in the world including Microsoft, Nestle, Google (Alphabet), Starbucks and Pepsico.


10.6% p.a.
After fees. Since inception to

We’ve selected ETFSecurities Physical Gold as our Gold investment based on:

Investment Philosophy
As a proven defensive asset Gold has a very low correlation with other asset classes, so tends to move in a different direction to shares. This makes Gold a great diversifier for any portfolio, as it has the capacity to protect investors during times of global crises and economic uncertainty.     
Investment Objectives
Our Gold investment option via (ASX:GOLD) is designed to offer investors a simple, cost-effective and secure way to access physical gold by providing a return equivalent to the movements in the Gold price minus the applicable management fee. ASX:GOLD is backed by physically allocated gold.
Historical  Performance
Since ETFSecurities begun it's operations with Australia's first GOLD ETF in March 2003 it has returned 7.9% per annum to investors after fees.     
Invest in Gold
Invest in Gold

Annualised performance since inception to 04/08/2022

Growth of $1000 invested since inception to 4th August 2022

Total returns in Australian dollar terms. Returns for periods greater than one year are annualised. Fund inception date 28 Mar 2003.

We’ve selected Vanguard’s Diversified Balanced ETF as our Balanced investment based on:

Investment Philosophy
Our Diversified Balanced ETF is designed for investors seeking a balance between income and capital growth. From a single investment this option gives investors access to a diversified portfolio of asset classes.   
Investment Objectives
Our Diversified Balanced investment option via the Vanguard ETF targets a 50% allocation to income producing assets (Fixed Interest, Bonds) and a 50% allocation to growth asset classes (Australian & International shares, Emerging markets, Global Small Caps), all at a low cost. 
Historical Performance
Since Vanguard's Diversified Balanced ETF started its operations in November 2017 it has returned 4.1% per annum to investors after fees.     
Invest in our Balanced ETF

Annualised performance since inception to 04/08/2022

Growth of $1000 invested since inception to 4 August 2022

Calculations are based on net asset value with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding individual tax. Fund inception 20 November 2017.

We’ve selected the Magellan Global Fund as our Global Equities investment based on:

Investment Philosophy
The Global Equities investment option seeks to invest in 20-40 of the world's best global stocks at attractive prices, whilst exercising a deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment to manage investment risk.       
Investment Objectives
The Global Equities investment option via the Magellan Global fund is designed to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long-term, while reducing the risk of permanent capital loss.           
Historical Performance
Since Magellan's Global Fund started its operations in 2007 it has returned 10.6% to investors after fees.       
Return since inception

*Return per annum. As at 31/12/2021.

Invest in Global Equities

Annualised performance since inception to 01/08/2022

Growth of $1000 invested since inception to 1st August 2022

Calculations are based on net asset value with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding individual tax. Fund inception 01 July 2007.

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09:05 06 Aug 22
Took less than five minutes to create my account and make my first contribution. The option to set up recurring deposits automatically means I don’t have to worry about it. Great idea for setting up our youngins
Alex BeddersAlex Bedders
04:25 28 Feb 22
Highly recommend iTrust, easy navigation and great website
Georgia WattsGeorgia Watts
09:18 22 Feb 22
I’m new to investing but wanted to make a start for my children. The itrust platform was easy to sign up to, is easy to use, and has good support. I’m looking forward to learning more about investing. I highly recommend it based on my experience so far.
Tony MooreTony Moore
08:37 22 Feb 22
Itrust invest is a great way to invest for family. I'm using it to invest for grandkids. It's easy, efficient and the support staff are excellent. I had issues with a gift card and Mitchell was a great help, professional, friendly and very responsive. I recommend Itrust highly
Deborah AndrewDeborah Andrew
01:59 22 Feb 22
I have found the Itrust Investment platform very easy to use and appreciate the regular communications I receive from the team.I started using Itrust to put regular deposits away for my two kids and as a Christmas gift this year I sent a $100 investment as a gift to my niece and nephew.

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Actively managed & passive investment options

Itrust Invest is an ASIC- registered fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks associated with investing with Itrust Invest?

When investing with Itrust Invest you should understand:

  • Having long term investment goals is a solid approach to investing;
  • The value of your investments may rise and fall;
  • Investment returns will vary and historical returns may not be the same as future returns;
  • Returns are not guaranteed, and there is a chance you may lose money on any investment you make; and
  • Laws affecting your investment in a managed investment scheme may change over time.


For further information about our investment methodology and the risks associated with investing with Itrust Invest, please refer to the PDS.

Who is in charge of the Itrust Invest account?

The legal owner of the account is the Guardian who establishes the account. Each Itrust Invest account can have up to 10 Beneficiary accounts and the Guardian can also be a Beneficiary. All Investor communication is channelled through the Guardian. Further information on the legal structure and operation of the Guardian account and Beneficiary account(s) is contained in the PDS.

Can I withdraw part or all of my investment?

You can withdraw all or part of your investment at any time. Simply log in to your account, view your dashboard, and click on the withdrawal option. It then normally takes up to five business days to deposit monies into your nominated bank account. For any assistance with withdrawals contact

What fees does Itrust Invest charge?

At Itrust Invest our philosophy is to make high-quality investments easily accessible and affordable to parents and Guardians around the country.

We don’t charge any fee for the initial setup of your account, nor do we charge brokerage fees on further contributions or withdrawals or exit fees.

To keep your Guardian and up to 10 Beneficiary accounts running smoothly 24/7 we do charge an Account Maintenance Fee of $3.50 per month or $35 if paid annually. We don’t however charge the Account Maintenance Fee if someone wishes to provide a one-off Gift as a Guest.

The responsible entity for Itrust Invest (Stapleton Asset Management Limited) does charge an annual management fee of 0.3075% of funds under management to cover the costs of managing the Itrust Invest fund. There are also additional management expenses required to ensure the legal, regulatory, accounting, auditing, and banking compliance of the fund, which we estimate to be 0.415% of funds under management.

For more information, please review the PDS and also visit our fee breakdown page.

What are the tax implications of investing in Itrust Invest?

An outline of the tax implications of investing in Itrust Invest is contained in the PDS. You should seek advice from your financial planner or accountant about how it affects you.

Itrust Invest makes distributions on an annual basis and distributions are reinvested in Itrust Invest. Where a distribution is made, the Guardian will receive a Distribution Statement which sets out the amount of the distribution and the tax nature of the distribution.

Investors also need to consider Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in periods where the Investor sells or transfers their investments. We are not able to provide a CGT calculation or report, however we can provide all transaction and distribution information to allow you, or your accountant, to calculate this.

Can I transfer an Itrust Invest investment to a Beneficiary when they turn 18, without Capital Gains Tax applying to this transfer?

In some circumstances it may be possible for a Guardian to transfer ownership in the Itrust Invest units to their Beneficiary when the Beneficiary turns 18, and for Capital Gains Tax not to apply to this transfer. However, with all things tax, we recommend you seek your own advice about this from a qualified tax advisor.