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There’s no denying that the investment market was set up for the wealthy, so we’re levelling out the financial playing field by making high-quality investments easy to access and low cost, so everyone has equal opportunity to build a financial future for their child.

Itrust Invest Management Team

Stapleton Asset Management Ltd (SAML) is the responsible entity for iTrust Investment Fund (Itrust Invest). The directors of SAML are:

We’re proud to be the first ASIC-registered fund with gift card functionality.

The Itrust Invest approach

Here at Itrust Invest, we care about security. That’s why we’ve developed a fully encrypted system with bank-grade protection. We also have our own BSB number (in conjunction with Westpac) and issue unique bank accounts to each investor.
Not only does our investment gifting platform help families set up their children’s financial futures, but it also allows children to learn about finances from a young age so they can make smart financial decisions when they’re older - something a lot of kids miss out on.
'You' & future focussed
Itrust Invest is committed to equal opportunity in providing access to high quality investments. In a world where affording a house is becoming more out of reach, Itrust Invest helps prepare children and other beneficiaries for a better financial future. We work hard to give our investors the best service and investment outcomes possible.
Itrust Invest is an ASIC-registered fund, which is audited on a regular basis. We maintain the highest levels of best practice, with oversight from an independent compliance committee. Putting users first, always!
Our platform gives the planet a breather. Traditional kids' gifts (think plastic toys) become uninteresting quickly and inevitably end up in landfill. A thoughtful financial investment is not only unique but has longevity, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for those looking to up their gift-giving game.
Itrust Invest believes that robust social and ethical standards, labour management and environmental management have the potential to impact the business outcomes of investments. These matters guide itrust when it selects investment opportunities, and also in how it operates itrust generally.