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We’re kicking traditionally excessive and out-of-reach investment amounts to the kerb, with low fees and a $10 minimum investment.

No initial setup fee

Forget spending thousands on trustee and legal services to set up high-quality investments.

With Itrust Invest, it doesn’t cost a dime to get started! Once you’ve created your account, you can add up to 10 children/dependents at no extra charge.


Low fund annual management fee

A small 0.3075% per annum (or 30.75bps) fund management fee is charged on the value of Itrust Invest.  This fee is paid to Stapleton Asset Management limited for managing Itrust Invest.  This fee is accrued daily in the Itrust Invest unit prices. Please review the PDS for more information. This fee helps us maintain the trust, legal and regulatory services necessary to preserve the accounts.


Account maintenance fee

Each Investor/Guardian is charged a monthly account maintenance fee and the fee is the same whether the Guardian has one or 10 Beneficiary accounts.  The fee is set at $3.50 per month or $35 if paid on an annual basis.  The account maintenance fee covers the costs of operating the Itrust Invest platform and managing the Guardian and the associated Beneficiary accounts.


Additional management expenses

Management expenses (e.g. custodian, audit, accounting, legal and and compliance committee fees) are estimated at 0.415% (or 41.5bps) per annum, based on the value of Itrust Invest, and are accrued daily in the Itrust Invest unit prices. Thanks to our scale-based fund model, this fee drops with more users and more funds under management. So the more people involved the better! Please review the PDS for more information. 


Underlying fund fees

We’ve chosen the best in the business to manage your investments. Each manager (Vanguard, Magellan, ETFSecurities) possesses strong long term performance track records, and each has its own fee structure which is outlined in the PDS. Where we quote the investment returns for the underlying funds, these returns are calculated after deducting these fees.