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How It Works 🎁

starting an investing journey

Start their journey

Gift any amount from $10 to an important child in your life. Perfect for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Christmas and other special occasions.

investment options

Choose investment option

Decide how much to gift into our Gold, Global, or Balanced fund, or let the recipient decide. Setup an auto-recurring Gift by becoming a Contributor.

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Finalise your Gift

Tell us who the Gift is for and schedule the delivery. Payment will be processed via credit card ($2 fee) or direct transfer (free).

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Your Gift is being sent

You’ve contributed to someone’s financial future, nice work! To redeem the Gift the recipient needs to be 18+ with a valid Itrust Invest account. If the Gift is for a child, their parent or guardian will redeem this on their behalf.

Why should you send a Gift?

Set & Forget
Setup a recurring gift and never miss another special moment.
Send and Receieve Gifts
Call on your village of family and friends to build a better future for the kids they love.
Good for the pocket
Gift any amount from as little as $10 with no upper limit.
Good for the planet
Ditch the plastic toys and games and give something that can't be thrown away.
smiling daughter jumping on couch

An investment gift is so much more than just cash. You’ll start a loved one on their journey of wealth creation, so when the time comes they can maximise life’s opportunities.

This could mean a leg up in the property market or a headstart on future University fees.

Send a gift at the click of a button from just $10.

Gifts that keep on giving

An investment Gift is a great way to show someone you’re thinking about their future.

Did you know…

Over 27 million toys head to landfill each year?

Kids today get a LOT of toys but sadly our kerbside recycling bins aren’t suited for the mix of plastics in Hot Wheel sets and plush toys.


A financial investment gift has longevity and gives the planet a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Itrust Invest account to send a Gift?

Not at all. You can send a gift to a loved one without signing in by clicking Send a Gift and following the prompts. You can choose to send a gift of units into any of our funds (from as little as $10), or leave it to the recipient to decide which fund the gift will be invested into – i.e., Gold, Global Equities, or our Balanced ETF.

There is no cost to redeem gifts, although recipients are required to have a valid Itrust Invest account in order to redeem a gift.

If you are already set up with an Itrust Invest account, simply send a financial investment as a gift by clicking ‘Send a Gift to others’ from the homepage of your dashboard.

Login and Send A Gift 

Do you need to know a child or other Beneficiary’s account details to send them a Gift?

No, you just need the email address of the person who is or will be the Guardian and who will manage the account.

Send a Gift

Who can redeem a Gift?

A Gift can only be redeemed by an individual over the age of 18 who has a valid Itrust Invest account. This is because minors under the age of 18 cannot legally own shares in their own name.

If the investment is intended as a gift for a child, you will need to know the name and email address of the parent or guardian who will create the account and redeem the gift on the child’s behalf.

If the investment is intended for someone aged 18 years or older, just enter their name and email address as the Guardian to be in charge of the account. They will also be required to create a valid Itrust Invest account.

Unsure how Gifting works? Reach out via live chat! 

What happens once I’ve sent a Gift?

If you are sending a Gift without signing in, you will be emailed instructions on how to complete the payment stage.

All payments are made via direct electronic funds transfer and are handled securely by our partners at Westpac. Simply copy the BSB and account number from the email into your banking portal and complete the transfer, making sure to include the unique gift code in the description (this helps us identify who the Gift is intended for).

Once payment has cleared, please allow up to three business days for our team to process the gift. The recipient will be notified via email once their gift is ready to be redeemed.

I already invest with Itrust, how can I let family and friends know they can send a Gift to my child?

Having an Itrust Invest account allows family and friends to contribute a financial investment directly to your child’s account.

From your dashboard simply select the Beneficiary that will be receiving a Gift and then select Share with friends and family. You can then share this message, including the unique one-way link, with loved ones, and by following the prompts they can give a gift that keeps on giving.

My child has received a Gift, how do I redeem it?

If your child has received a Gift from family or friends simply login to your Itrust Invest account and enter the unique gift code into the Redeem a gift card header on the home screen. You can then allocate the gifted funds to the appropriate Beneficiary account.

If you are having trouble locating the unique gift code that has been emailed to you, call us for assistance on 1300 811 119 or email us at support@itrustinvest.com.

If you do not yet have an Itrust Invest account, you can create one here.

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