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First of all, congratulations!

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog then you’ve probably decided enough is enough – you want to beat inflation and have the stock market to do the heavy lifting for your savings, kudos to you. And since you’ve found Itrust Invest there’s a strong chance that children and toddlers are in the picture, with their physicals needs (food, shelter, safety) taken care of and their financial wellbeing next on your list.



Now, the majority of parents are putting away savings for their kids, but most are missing out on the benefits from investing. Investing can be a great tool to achieve personal and financial goals, but investing for kids somehow feels confusing. It’s not as common or clear as dedicated savings products for little ones. And if you’re completely new to the game it’s tough parting ways with your hard earned cash when there is a very real possibility of getting it wrong.

But, whether you’re a Mum, a Dad, a soon-to-be-parent (how exciting!), a Grandparent, an Aunt, Uncle, a super awesome Godparent or exceptionally caring friend, with enough dedication you can become an investor and be one step closer to creating a better financial future for your children.


There are more beginner investors than ever.

If you’re just starting out you might take comfort knowing that every day someone starts their investing journey for the first time. In fact, a report published by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2020 showed that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rise in Aussie investors participating in the stock market for the first time. There were also encouraging signs of a new generation of investors emerging, many of them younger and female.

Historically, the share market has been a space dominated by middle aged men, and while you might think that’s a stereotype the ASX has actually determined the average investor as 46 years old with a 56% likelihood of being male.

Well the Itrust team believes it is a positive sign to see more people engaging with their money, taking control of their finances and starting to invest.


female investors infographic

Source: MLC Superannuation | The rise of female investors

I want to start but there are so many challenges!

Some common perceptions that keep everyday Australian’s from buying stocks or contributing to managed funds (like Itrust Invest) for the first time are:

  • Fear of losing money
  • Difficulty identifying the best companies
  • Information overload, don’t know who to trust
  • Fear of hidden fees
  • Not knowing which investments to select
  • Fear of money being tied up in the investment
  • Unsure how much to invest

Can you relate to any of these challenges? 

Don’t worry, the stock market can be an intimidating place, and it often feels like companies use large, technical words on purpose just to confuse you. But keep in mind you’re not the only person who is new to the investing game.

Many of these newcomers would have the same questions and queries as you, and, particularly for parents, the team at Itrust Invest has developed a super simple investing platform that might help overcome the information overload and have you setup a regular investment plan for the little one’s sooner rather than later.



An Itrust investment account offers a low-cost entry point (seriously, you can invest with just $10!) into high quality investment options such as Gold, a Global Equities fund and a Balanced option. Our team of financial experts have already done the hard work in identifying and adding these investment funds to the platform so you may achieve attractive returns over the medium to long term. We also explain the fees in plain English (just $3.50 per month – learn more about fees here), and you can withdraw your funds at any time, at no cost. As for how much you should invest? Well, the best way to invest your money is whichever way works best for you. Can you manage $10 a week per child, or do you have the spare cash for a $1000 one off deposit? 

All in all, Itrust is a super simple way to make small investments for a child’s big future.

We also believe in this saying, adapted from a long time ago:


“The best time to start investing is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”


When it comes to investing the sooner you start, the more time compounding growth has to work it’s magic. Consider joining the Itrust Invest community today and start to make a real difference to the future of your loved ones.

If you’d like to know more then speak to the team via the live chat below, or give us a call on 1300 811 119 – we’d love to hear from you.


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